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Fantasmic! premiered at Disneyland on May 13, 1992. The current version of the show, featuring the new Flotsam and Jetsam characters and the new crocodile, premiered on June 12, 2009.
It’s estimated that 9,000 people can watch the show standing along the banks of the Rivers of America. The Florida version of the show opened at Disney-MGM Studios in October 1998 where it is presented in the specially designed Hollywood Hills Amphitheater which seats 6500 people.
Fantasmic! features a cast of 50 performers, most of whom have multiple roles. In addition there are50 crew members.
Kaa the snake is 100 feet long, the crocodile from Peter Pan is 21 feet long and 12 feet tall, Flotsam and Jetsam are 37 feet long and the Maleficent dragon is 40 feet tall.
The three water screens are 35 feet tall and 50 feet wide.
Additional water effects include 21 fountains and six “whale tails” in the scene when Monstro the whale charges across the Rivers of America.


Disneyland - 1957 (sound added).

Some great vintage views in this video.

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Uliana Lopatkina as Odile in Mariinsky’s Swan Lake
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